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Village Clerk


Yvonne Davis, Trustee - Government Municipality in Dixmoor, IL


Juanita M. Darden has been a resident of the Village of Dixmoor since 1993.  She raised her four children and is the proud grandmother of two.  Juanita has held many government positions such as Deputy Clerk in 1997 and Public Works in 1996 where she became the first African American woman to hold this position.  She has also worked for Gideon’s 300 Security Services in Hazelcrest, Illinois as the Executive Assistant to the CEO.  Juanita has dedicated 18 years of continued service to the Village of Dixmoor. 

A City Clerk is a public official whose primary duties include but are not limited to keeping records or accounts for the municipality and other duties prescribed by the law.  The position is central to government transparency because the clerk is responsible for keeping and making official records and legislation accessible to city residents.  The Village Clerk is the Chief Elections Officer.  The adjudication hearing program is administered by this department to process all housing, parking, and municipal codes.  This position also is the keeper and maintainer of all Village ordinances and resolutions, the Village records and seals as well as post meeting agendas and minutes. 

THE VISION of the Village Clerk’s Office is to enhance services while serving as the nucleus of the Village of Dixmoor. We will always maintain a spirit of professionalism, integrity and compassion for our residents while doing what is right for our Village.


  • §  to serve as the Clerk to the Village Council, Chief Elections Officer of the Village of Dixmoor and Custodian of the Corporate Seal
  • §  to maintain the Record of the Village Council and the Village Code of Ordinances
  • §  to provide information to our citizens and refer services to various Village departments





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